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first update 2018

So just a quick update. As l mentioned last time. I was a little miffed when I realized I would have to in the words of Julie Andrews “start at the very beginning” (a very good place to start) anyway….So after the initial grumbles, I found I am  actually enjoying the process. Though it is not ideal to begin any project from the beginning especially when you think it is finished, it’s nice to go over previous projects and know honestly that you are now able to improve upon it, because you learned more and it actually becomes exciting as you go through the creative process and begin to see the growth and development in your work. Oh well back to work…

Latest update 2019
Smarty knew

Oh no, I’ve got to start over. Why? Because as I working on the update of the second book in the Peefoo series THE SEASIDE, I decided (as previously mentioned) to give Troy a much-needed upgrade which, I must say, I feel came out quite well. I was happy with his new look and all was fine and dandy… UNTIL… I realized he looks completely different from how he appears in the first book ‘THE NURSERY’ arggggggg! and yes I know I said he’s a magical train but I’m quite sure being badly designed or drawn is not a magic skill I could credit him with. So… do I just ignore the fact that he looks completely different as if he was a re-cast in a soap opera we are not meant to notice? Or do I bite the bullet and do the right thing (and the extra work this will envolve) to redraw him? Honestly… I don’t really think I have a choice, for as annoying as it is to re-do the same story again and again, I would rather it looked consist and hopefully better then if I left as is and hope nobody noticed. So it’s back to the beginning, here we go again.

(Possibly) New cover for THE SEASIDE 2019

So quick update. I am presently working on a re-work of the second Peefoo book, THE SEASIDE. I decided to do some new artwork, which is necessary even though is time-consuming hopefully will be worth it. I have also created a new cover drawing (which I never have done) So proud of myself for that. Anyways back to work…

The old Cover of ‘THE SEASIDE’ (2009/10)
Troy 2019

Even though Troy is not a Peefoo, Troy the train is a very important part of their world. You see Troy is not your normal train, he is a magic Train with the ability to change into a boat and plane among other things. Troy loves to take his friends the PEEFOOS, on an array of fun and educational adventures but he also, always  makes sure they get safely home again.

(Old) Troy 2009

The character of Troy was created because, I knew wanted to the Peefoos to have a form of transport, which took them on their adventures, I wasn’t sure if he was going to be a bus or a train, which  is why he originally looks more like a  bus (But he is a train lol). Anyway he has just  had a much  needed upgrade, and I hope you agree, looking kinda fancy.

Smarty trying to work something out (From the book ‘THE SEASIDE’)

Smarty Peefoo  is the oldest of the Peefoos, she also the most curious and loves to learn. Smarty enjoys reading and writing and her most favourite thing is counting. She is not shy at all, so she will always ask questions and also likes to work things out.  Of course she still likes to play with her friends but only for short time,  not all day like Harty,  she is far to busy working things out.  She not really into  drawing or painting (It’s far to messy), she leaves that to Arty. But as long as there are things to read, write or count, smarty is happy.

The character of Smarty is similar to that of clever five year old. e.g they know lots of things, that they feel must share with you, but at the same time they are curious about a whole lot more and not afraid to ask about it.

Arty Peefoo is a creative soul. He enjoys drawing, painting and creating beautiful pictures of what he sees. That is the main reason he loves all the adventures he goes on with his friends because there is always something new to discover meaning there is always a new drawing he can create. While playing is fun, he does not understand how Harty can keep at it so long. Also, he doesn’t mind reading or even counting like Smarty but only sometimes. But given the choice, Arty would much rather look at beautiful things and recreate them through his art, to Arty there is nothing greater than that.

The character of ARTY is a little like myself. He is much more introverted than the other Peefoos, but he is able to express himself through his creations.

Harty playing in the sand (from the book: THE SEASIDE)

Harty Peefoo is the youngest Peefoo. In Harty’s world the two most important things are playing and hugging (In that order). You see to Harty, there is nothing better then playing, it doesn’t have to be with anyone (He quiet enjoy playing by himself) but whether it’s with a ball, a scooter or even a pile of leaves, he does not mind as long as he can play with it, he’s happy.

Harty does not really enjoy drawing (You have to sit still waaaay to long), he leaves that to Arty, and also counting is not his favourite (because after five it gets a bit confusing) But playing, now that’s much more fun. The only thing almost as fun as playing is giving and recieving hugs. If he can get get one after a long day of play, Harty is very Happy.

The character of HARTY is an amalgamation of various toddlers I have the pleasure of working with in my years as a childcare practioner. He captures the innocence and the simple Happiness of a young child.

After finishing the first Book ‘THE NURSERY’, I came up with the next story, that would become the next book ‘THE SEASIDE’. Again like in the first story, I decided to keep the rhyme style. Through working in early years as nursery practioner, I know especially young children do enjoy like songs and rhymes, but also I remember even as child myself, always loving the flow of stories that rhymed so with that in mind, I knew that when I did (finally) start writing and developing my own stories, that I would probably end up writing some ( but not all) in that vain.

Anyway… way back in 2010, ‘The seaside‘ was born and this time, as the title suggests, our little friends (The Peefoos) adventure involved a trip to the seaside. like ‘The Nursery‘, the 2010 version of ‘The Seaside’ is the middle of a update. While some of the art work from the orignal won’t be vastly different, now with more skills and a clear vision, I definately think it’s time for an update.

An Original drawing from ‘THE SEASIDE’ 2010/9

However if you are curious about the original, click on the link below and check out the orignal audio/video, (read by your’s truely) of the story, while I finish up the update…enjoy X.




“Just after midnight, about twelve o’five. There a special place that comes alive. Down by the river where the green grass grows, lives three little creatures called THE PEEFOOS”

The PEEFOOS are three little creatures called ARTY, SMARY and HARTY, who along with their magic train TROY, go on adventures where they play, draw and learn all while having fun as they discover new experiences.

PEEFOO PG4 COLOUR 2018 OCTAbout a little over ten years ago, while reading one of the many children’s books I had read a thousand times to my nursery class. I came upon a idea, well I didn’t really come on the idea at that moment, it was  more a case of, having read (and re-read) the same stories again and again, I thought why oh why have I not put  the ideas I have been carrying in my head down on paper? I had the stories and a vague idea of what I wanted my characters to look like, but where to start? Why at the beginning OF COURSE.

HARTY 2009 1
This is one of the first sketches of one of the main characters HARTY, he would eventuallyHarty 2018

look very different.

You see orignally THE PEEFOOS were going to look more alien like  (see orignal Harty drawing on right) but the more stories I wrote, the more I began to see them come to life and they became quiet different.

The first story I wrote became the first book ‘THE Nursery’.  Though it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted, I was glad to get my first book in print .

To be continued…